Eid Mubarak, 2017.

Salam Aidilfitri to everyone who is reading this now. Maaf Zahir Dan Batin.

This sums up our first raya as husband & wife for day 1 and 2.

In Sha Allah, ditemukan Ramadhan dan Syawal tahun depan lagi. 


Syukur Alhamdulillah; Our precious gift. 

Since I’m burning some midnight oil by waiting for my cookies to bake, let me dust off this dusty blog by updating something. 

As the title mentioned, I’m guessing by just reading it, some may have guessed what I’m going to write about. 

Yes, our very own precious gift that HE has given us, our soon-to-be little one. Syukur Alhamdulillah. We are beyond thankful for this precious little one that was entrusted to us. Syukur syukur, beribu kali syukur kepada yang maha esa.

 I found out that I was carrying the little one sometime in early Feb. My period was late, but I thought why not wait till 1-2 days then I give it a check. It got dragged till the 5th day. I just got home from work and tell myself to just give it a check. I read alot where people say the most accurate results are the 1st urine when we take in the morning. But at that point of time, I just redha. Ada, ada. Takda, it’s okay. Actually, trackback sikit, a few days before I got my period, I have this strong instinct that I was pregnant. So I did, test it early in the morning. But it was negative. So probably that’s why I didn’t want to follow the book sgt the 2nd round. Ok, back to where I was writing, I tested after work. At home of course. The moment I saw the positive sign, I was in total shock. Really. In the toilet nie, tgh tak tahu nak mandi ke or go into my room to show my husband or wait until the right time. Dengan tu towel2 jugak, keluar toilet and wait at the side of my husband. He was praying btw. So when he beri salam, I guess in his mind was “apesal si diknie senyum2 kambing duduk sebelah aku. Tempat da sempit.” The next moment, I just showed him the test kit. He smiled. And I started tearing when I see his big smile. Like, really? We are going to be parents? We are really grown up? Mcm surreal gitu kan. Sebab wedding vibes baru nak hilang sikit2. Hehe. No words could express our feelings. Sampai kite pon tak tahu macam mane nak express it towards each other. 

I booked an appointment with poly the following week to confirmed my pregnancy. And yes, I was 5 weeks pregnant. My 1st appt with a gynae was Dr Jasmine Mohd, I read alot of good reviews about her. No doubt, my experience was good too. Even tho it was just a 1st appt, but we didn’t want to splurge so much so I thought, ok why not just go ahead with KK. Despite so many not so good reviews, it’s okay. We tawakal and go ahead with what fits the bill. 

I booked Dr Suzanna in July. Yes she only takes 5-7 months and above patient, and yes her slots are usually very fast filled. So my earliest was July. So meantime, I went for the subsidized appts by KK. Which means I will be seeing a different Dr every month. 

So far, I’ve done 6 appts with the subsidized ones and yes, after this I will seeing Dr Suzanna! Yeay! She’s under private tho. So obviously no subsidized price. 

I’m on my 6th month carrying this little one and syukur alhamdulillah, I’m getting the hang of it. Love those little kicks I get everytime. No doubt I will definitely miss moments like that. I had a terrible 1st trimester. Those vomiting and migraines, didn’t even want to get out of bed kinda feeling. It was bad. Real bad. I lost a total of 5kg during that time. Anything I see and smell disgust me at that moment of time. I didn’t want to walk. I didn’t want to go out. I didn’t want to do anything basically. But my husband has been very supportive, I couldn’t survive without his help. I was also on a very high fever at that point of time. And knowing me, I have a very low tolerance of pain. And my immune is soooooo low that I depend on antibiotics most of the time. But since I cannot eat those. I was on drip for many times during that fever moment. Going from SGH to KKH back to back. It. Was. Really. Terrible. But I pulled through! Yeay! I can never do it alone without the support of my husband and family. Definitely. 

Now, I can’t wait for the arrival of my baby boss. That’s what my parents call the little one. As I’m typing, baby boss is kicking away. So happy ah. Why? Because I eating nice cookies kan? Hehe, love you la sayang. 

Krabi, KL, Batam

Since I have some spare time at work, why not I complete my honeymoon/holiday mood after GC. Let’s just combine everything since I have lesser pictures for KL and Batam.

So our flight for Krabi was the next day after returned from GC. Did we feel tired? Nope not at all. Always not feeling tired when it comes to holiday kan! Haha! 

Our flight was about 2hrs. Plus minus. We reached and waited for our transport to the hotel. It was about 30-45mins drive. Reached hotel, received a welcome drink and waited to be checked in. Little did we know the manager of the hotel gave us a free upgrade to the honeymoon suite! Alhamdulillah! Hehe.

Washed up and off we go to grab our lunch. When we were planning for this trip, all we did want to do was just rest, relax and eat eat eat. Nothing much of shopping. So that’s what we did. We only spent 1 day of island hopping. That is a tour. It was the phi phi island hopping, so there were 5 islands included in that trip. 

The next few days there was just filled with food, food and more food. On the last night, we had our full body massage. I guess just let the pictures do the talking ya? Haha. 

Krabi is definitely one of the places that we can go back and forth just like KL. Its all about the cheap food! 

On Christmas, we head over to KL with our friends. Nothing much tho. Just spending the long weekends there. 

And lastly, during the long weekends of the NYE, we head over to Batam. Same like KL and Krabi, just spending the holiday for cheap food! Namer je countdown kt batam, tapi both sleep at 10pm. Haha! 

I guess thats all the places I go right after the wedding. Which takes forever to jote it down here. Till my next post! 

Gold Coast

Since I have some free time right now, I guess, it’s time to type out about my honeymoon in GC right? Haha, sorry, lambat 5 bulan. 

We scheduled our flight to be 2 days after the event. So it gave us some time to settle/return back all the rental items like baju baju pengantin and dulang hantaran. Our flight was on Tues night. So we had a heavy meal before boarding because we thought, 8hrs of flight=8hrs of sleep.

We reached GC the next morning. Waited for our car rental to pick us up to bring to their rental shop. Filled up some details and done we go head over to our apartment. Despite knowing that the check in time was 3pm, we just tried our luck in checking in early. 

Our room was hugeeeeee. And our view was niceeee.

First day, we went over to the nearest shopping centre aka the biggest and most time spent at, Pacific Fair, to get some groceries. And yes, we found Asian Supermarket and bought lots of maggies. First day was nothing much. Just walked around the Shopping Centre and drive around our apartment area. 

Second day, we made plans to go Harbour Town. It was a 30mins drive from our apartment. It’s a factory outlet, so yes expect lots of shopping! 

We went surfer’s paradise in the evening for their night beach market. 

Third day, we went Movie World. We started early in the morning since it opened at 10am. It was a 45mins drive. 

We didn’t spent so much time there as there were just few rides for adults. Nothing much but more of sight seeing and taking pictures. We proceeded to Sea World Dr to get Peter’s Fish n Chips. The hype people are talking about whenever they are at GC. And yessssssss, it was soooooooooooo fresh and good! Oh pls I’m already thinking of it now. The portion is so huge!

We even packed some back for dinner and breakfast the next day. 

Forth day, we drive up to Brisbane especially for their DFO outlet. It was a 2hrs drive. And yes the drive was sooooo worth it! Because the brands, things, clothes, everything was soooo much more choices and cheaper!! A place that I’ll definitely come back to! We spent the whole day there. Like literally from morning till evening. Before going off, I have to get my favourite coffee from Zarraffa’s. 

Fifth day, we went for jetboat extreme early in the morning. It’s located at surfer’s paradise. Since we are there, we thought of walking around there after, but little did we know the ride of the jetboat literally drenched us from head to toe! And! We just had our morning bathe! So yea, gotta go back to our apartment and bathed and then out we go again. We dropped by GC mosque. It’s located in a very quiet neighbourhood. We drive around GC and walked around Pacific Fair again to grab some food to bring back to SG. And then we call it a day. 

Sixth, and last day, we head over to Harbour Town again to do last min shopping. Just grabbing whatever we can there. Went back and start our packing. Sighhh, overweighed. What to do. Just tried our luck into checking in the luggage.

Our flight next day was scheduled in the morning. We had to wake up at 5+am and returned back the rental car. We didn’t include any food in the flight back to SG, cause we thought we could just sleep it off. But…… We got hungry. Luckily we saved some snacks in our bag to snack through the flight back. Reached SG at about 3.30pm. Head to teh tarik for some Malay food cause we have been craving for one! And off we go home to rest for our next flight the next day, hehe 🙂


Hey hey ladies! 

Do anybody know if kkh private is able to claim medisave? Are we able to choose the class wards too? Cause I heard if we choose a doctor privately from kkh, it wont be claimable via medisave. 

A long hiatus

It’s been soooooo long since I last updated. Probably about close to 3 months I guess? Haha. It’s true, when you become a wife, you get too busy with life. You’ve got work during the day, and you continue your work as a wife when you comes home. It just never stops. Not even during the weekends. I don’t know where the time go? Things have been going pretty well for us, alhamdulillah. I’m settling down to being a wife, and all I can say is, life’s definitely not what you imagined or expected. But it’s still bearable. And I’m glad to say that I’m coping it well. I’m still living with my parents, so things are still easier around. We are still waiting for our ‘forever belum siap bto.’ Expecting to siap probably by mid next year. Which means more time to save up! 

On a side note, we’ve just collected our wedding albums from Project Pixel. Definitely worth every penny! Love love all the shots from our photographer, Juffri.