BabyK’s birth story

I remember oh so clearly up to this date, what happen on that very day. It’s been 2 months plus now, and I know even up to years, I will never ever going to forget the birth of my beautiful babygirl.

The day before I turn 36 weeks, we went out as a family. To expo, I wanted goreng pisang chocolate cheese so badly. Walked around the whole of expo, happily eating my goreng pisang. Just like any normal day, went home, take bath, prayed, and sleep. The next morning, I was woken up by feeling a lil leak down there. You know when you want to come menses kinda leak. Yeap. I expected it was just discharge, so I walk to the toilet, cleaned up, and prayed subuh. I was sitting on a chair after praying, I start to feel the leak again. I told my husband and he asked to me to stand up. I stood, and water just starts leaking continuously. We thought we could just get it checked at kkh. So we did. I know leaking is normal because my waterbag didn’t totally burst yet. So I expected to be able to come home after the checked. Since I was still early. I have 1 month more to go sey. So we reached kkh at about 6.45am. Went straight to the delivery suite section and get them to checked me. Yeap, I am sure is leaking. They asked me to walk to the wheelchair so they could wheel me to the delivery room. “Wait? What? I’m giving birth today? Cannot go back?” When I was walking towards the chair, my waterbroke. Literally felt a gush of water/discharge dropped on my pants. Reaches the room, cleaned myself up again, change to their gown and they strap me down with the heartbeat monitor for the baby. Time check, 7am, 2cm dilated. My doctor came, “marissaaaaaa what happennnn, walk a lot issit yesterdayyyy” hahaha. Yes doctor, I got my goreng pisang. Hahaha. So since I was a week early before full term, doctor recommended me to have 2 dose of thigh jab to strengthen my baby’s lungs. 1st dose, 10am. The next dose should be by 10pm. Doctor said that if there’s nothing happening today, she will induce me the next morning. I heard a lot of rumours saying getting induce will be painful, so I tried my very best to trigger the labour even more by doing lots of walking and squats in the room. Haha. Got my breakfast after that and watched HBO all the way. I wanted to get some sleep badly, because I know I should, but these eyes just couldn’t shut it. Mild contractions started at about 11+am. Still manageable. After lunch, the contractions got a lil intense. I couldn’t handle pain that well, so I asked for the epidural. They checked me, 2pm+, still 2cm dilated. They couldn’t give me the epidural if I haven’t reached 4cm. So their next best offer was, gas mask and thigh jab. I couldn’t handle the pain, so I gave in to gas mask. To be honest, it doesn’t work at alllllllll. The contractions were intense, but stillllll manageable I guess. By 4+pm, it got to the extend of I couldn’t handle the contraction pains anymore. It was coming every 3-5 mins. And everytime it comes, I couldn’t breathe. That’s how painful it is. I asked for the epidural again. Checked, still 2cm. Wait… What? If this pain is still 2cm, then how does 10cm pain feels like?!?! I know I should complete my dose and wait till 10pm. But I don’t think I’ll be able to stand the pain for too long anymore. So I asked the nurse to get the baby monitor strap out from my tummy, and let me get up to help at least ease the pain. So they did. The moment I get up, didn’t even move a step, I started leaking again and I felt like I needed to pass motion. The nurse told me to lie down again, and she checked for dilation. 8cm. What?!? You just checked few mins ago and it’s just 2cm?!? They called the doctor. I was ready for my epidural. Waited and waited. Until the nurse said, “sorry ma’am, you are already at 9cm. Too late for the epidural.” What again?!? I’ve waited since afternoon for this pain relief, and now I’m told that I couldn’t take it?!?! Doctor arrived right on time when I was about to push. She explained on how to push and when to push. Straight forward. Just after 3 long pushes, I welcome my little angel.we had skin to skin contact. Husband did the azan. Took some pictures. And waited to be sent to our room. She was with us the whole 3 days I was there. Such a cutie pie. So small so cute so sweet. We’ve never been any happier! Since then, our life’s changed. We are parents. Responsibilities kicked in. We feel tired most of the time. Sometimes annoyed and agitated. But nothing can change the feelings of joy and happiness whenever we see our precious baby laughs. The attention she needed from us. We feel blessed, very blessed to be given this amanah by Allah SWT. No words could express the feelings we have for our babygirl. Syukur Alhamdulillah.

3rd trimester

Finally had the time to jote down my last tri experience while this little girl is on my lap sleeping. So 3rd tri is basically feeling more tired and sleepy and lazy. Probably due to the weight that you have to drag everywhere you go. Even peeing is making me lazy. But peeing gets more frequent. So you feeling me? I had a lil bit of good and bad for my last tri. I had my moment of vomiting like it happened on my 1st tri. It was terrible. I had terrible, TERRIBLE, heartburn. Really. My heartburn is to the core where I cut down spicy food totally and had to rely on my doctor’s medication. But coming to the end, the medication didn’t work at all. My girl loves to stretch, so probably this causes the heartburn terribly. I was halfway in the midst of preparing last min stuffs for her. I knew I had 4 more weeks = 1 month to go, plus minus, but she was too excited to see this world. Exactly 36 weeks, I welcome my babygirl. Birth story on my next post! 

2nd trimester

My favourite part about being pregnant is going through the 2nd trimester. Alhamdulillah, after the terrible 1st trimester, my 2nd was such a breeze. Really. I literally enjoyed my 2nd trimester. I had more energy than the 1st. I love to see how much my bump grows every week. I get to experience her first move/kick. We get to talk to her every night and surprisingly she listens. Cause her daddy loves asking her to kick him whenever he puts his head on my belly. And yes, she kicks. Hehehe. Those sweet moments I can never forget. We get to do alot of shopping for her too. I get to experience cravings which I don’t really fancy,  but do eat, before pregnant. My appointments were such a breeze. We only managed to find out her gender during my 8th month check up tho. Haha, because she do shy don’t want to show. But of course, doctor gave us the ‘high possibility, so that’s how we managed to get stuffs for her. 

Lastly, there’s nothing bad I could say or comment, cause I just love how my 2nd trimester turned out to be. I hoped, in sha Allah, my 2nd, would turn out to be as breezy as hers too. Amin. Hehe.

1st trimester

I’ve been trying to adapt as a new mother now and alhamdulillah, things have been going on pretty well. Probably have some free time to type and record my whole pregnancy experience. 

So we found out that I was pregnant sometime in late Jan. As a first time mother, I will always wants the best for my child and myself. We booked our first gynae appointment at Mount E Medical Centre. A good gynae, no doubt. But just not a good bill to our pocket. So our next option was none other than KKH of course. I wanted to get a private gynae at KKH, Dr Suzanna of course. To book her, you got to call up the hotline and book an appointment with her at least 5-6 months in advance. So while waiting for my appt with her, I went with the subsidized appt. Means I see different doctors every month. My first trimester was not a breeze. I was vomiting every single day and hr and min. My morning sickness was throughout the day. It was bad. No cravings yet at the first trimester, I think? But my morning sickness made me sooo weak that all I wanted to do was lie down and sleep the whole day and night. 

But all that ended nearing the my 2nd trimester.. Up in another post! 

Syukur Alhamdulillah; Our precious gift. 

Since I’m burning some midnight oil by waiting for my cookies to bake, let me dust off this dusty blog by updating something. 

As the title mentioned, I’m guessing by just reading it, some may have guessed what I’m going to write about. 

Yes, our very own precious gift that HE has given us, our soon-to-be little one. Syukur Alhamdulillah. We are beyond thankful for this precious little one that was entrusted to us. Syukur syukur, beribu kali syukur kepada yang maha esa.

 I found out that I was carrying the little one sometime in early Feb. My period was late, but I thought why not wait till 1-2 days then I give it a check. It got dragged till the 5th day. I just got home from work and tell myself to just give it a check. I read alot where people say the most accurate results are the 1st urine when we take in the morning. But at that point of time, I just redha. Ada, ada. Takda, it’s okay. Actually, trackback sikit, a few days before I got my period, I have this strong instinct that I was pregnant. So I did, test it early in the morning. But it was negative. So probably that’s why I didn’t want to follow the book sgt the 2nd round. Ok, back to where I was writing, I tested after work. At home of course. The moment I saw the positive sign, I was in total shock. Really. In the toilet nie, tgh tak tahu nak mandi ke or go into my room to show my husband or wait until the right time. Dengan tu towel2 jugak, keluar toilet and wait at the side of my husband. He was praying btw. So when he beri salam, I guess in his mind was “apesal si diknie senyum2 kambing duduk sebelah aku. Tempat da sempit.” The next moment, I just showed him the test kit. He smiled. And I started tearing when I see his big smile. Like, really? We are going to be parents? We are really grown up? Mcm surreal gitu kan. Sebab wedding vibes baru nak hilang sikit2. Hehe. No words could express our feelings. Sampai kite pon tak tahu macam mane nak express it towards each other. 

I booked an appointment with poly the following week to confirmed my pregnancy. And yes, I was 5 weeks pregnant. My 1st appt with a gynae was Dr Jasmine Mohd, I read alot of good reviews about her. No doubt, my experience was good too. Even tho it was just a 1st appt, but we didn’t want to splurge so much so I thought, ok why not just go ahead with KK. Despite so many not so good reviews, it’s okay. We tawakal and go ahead with what fits the bill. 

I booked Dr Suzanna in July. Yes she only takes 5-7 months and above patient, and yes her slots are usually very fast filled. So my earliest was July. So meantime, I went for the subsidized appts by KK. Which means I will be seeing a different Dr every month. 

So far, I’ve done 6 appts with the subsidized ones and yes, after this I will seeing Dr Suzanna! Yeay! She’s under private tho. So obviously no subsidized price. 

I’m on my 6th month carrying this little one and syukur alhamdulillah, I’m getting the hang of it. Love those little kicks I get everytime. No doubt I will definitely miss moments like that. I had a terrible 1st trimester. Those vomiting and migraines, didn’t even want to get out of bed kinda feeling. It was bad. Real bad. I lost a total of 5kg during that time. Anything I see and smell disgust me at that moment of time. I didn’t want to walk. I didn’t want to go out. I didn’t want to do anything basically. But my husband has been very supportive, I couldn’t survive without his help. I was also on a very high fever at that point of time. And knowing me, I have a very low tolerance of pain. And my immune is soooooo low that I depend on antibiotics most of the time. But since I cannot eat those. I was on drip for many times during that fever moment. Going from SGH to KKH back to back. It. Was. Really. Terrible. But I pulled through! Yeay! I can never do it alone without the support of my husband and family. Definitely. 

Now, I can’t wait for the arrival of my baby boss. That’s what my parents call the little one. As I’m typing, baby boss is kicking away. So happy ah. Why? Because I eating nice cookies kan? Hehe, love you la sayang.